I was born in 1987 in Erzurum. I have been living in Bursa İnegöl since I was 9 years old. I am happily married and have 2 wonderful children.

In 2005, I took my first step in sales and marketing in the furniture industry. After 10 years of sales and marketing experience and expertise, we decided to enter the furniture retail industry. Our first stop was France. This is how BOZTAŞ ELA HOME Design brand was established.

Later, we decided to start furniture production with the idea that all processes from idea to concrete should be done by the experts of the work who came together for the same purpose. We gave life to BOZTAŞ Premium brand. We started armchair and furniture manufacturing with the aim of producing instant and timeless solutions to the needs of people and the necessity of continuous development and change with each passing day. At the point we have reached today, we continue to produce in 18.0000 m2 closed and 15.000 m2 open area.

Aradan geçen zamanda yeni ufuklara açılma hayaliyle mağazalaşma ve bayilik için ilk adımlarımızı attık. BOZTAŞ Premium markasını bugün, Mobiliyum AVM A blokta (İnegöl/BURSA) , İzmir, Çanakkale, Gaziantep, Romanya’da 2, İsrail’de 1, Kosova’da 1, Rusya’da 2 ve Fransa’da BOZTAŞ Home adıyla 1 olmak üzere toplamda 11 farklı showroom’a; Belçika’da 1 Depo, Amerika’da 1 Depo. Türkiye’de 165, dünyanın 34 farklı ülkesinde onlarca bayiye sahip, mobilya sektöründe uluslararası kabul görmüş global bir markaya dönüştürdük.

We continue our dealership activities in Turkey with our new business partners, and we continue our efforts to have a wider impact area with new stores and dealers abroad.

We can accept the Boztaş Premium brand as the first and most special product of a strong and respected team in the furniture industry. In this team, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, I am Serdar PALANDÖKEN and my partners and fellow travelers; General Manager Ahmet Faruk BOZBEY, Purchasing Manager İsmail KARAKOYUN, Armchair Manufacturing Manager Ahmet FİLİZ, Wood Manufacturing Manager Recep KARPUZ and of course hundreds of people who have worked for the Boztaş Premium brand in the past 10 years are all together.

From the very first day, we believe that a strong team will easily overcome every difficulty, and we accept that the first condition of being a reliable brand is to trust those who try to grow that brand. And we believe that success can only happen with a strong team.

My career journey, which I have continued with the same determination since the first day I adopted the principle of quality in service, continues as of today with a strong team of 250 people.