• If you have any questions or concerns regarding the maintenance of your seats and upholstered products, please contact the Boztaş customer line or the dealer's sales consultant.
  • You should have your sofa and upholstered products cleaned by dry cleaning companies. Otherwise, it is inevitable for upholstered fabrics to wear out, fade and shrink.

  • Do not clean your products with a carpet washing machine. In addition, attach the seat cleaning apparatus of the sweeping machine and perform the cleaning process.

  • You should clean the easy stains with a slightly damp cloth with soap (preferably hand soap is recommended) without pressing. If the stains do not go away, ask the dry cleaning company for support.

  • Before starting the cleaning process, you should remove the dust on the products.

  • Do not dry wet products with direct sunlight. Do not dry with devices such as irons and blow dryers.

  • Carry out the drying process by keeping it at room temperature.

  • Before cleaning, test the material you will use by applying it to the invisible surface of the fabric to see the benefit and damage it will give to the fabric and its texture.

  • Do not remove the dust of your painted and coated products with a dry and rough cloth.

  • Clean the liquid stains spilled on your products without wasting time with a damp cloth without applying pressure,

  • Do not use alcohol-containing chemicals while cleaning your products,

  • Dry the wetted products in the home environment. Do not dry with direct sunlight.

  • The wooden parts and materials used in the products you purchased have been dried. However, wood remains a living material and always undergoes dimensional changes. In this case, the resulting change cannot be seen as a problem covered by the warranty unless it prevents the use,

  • In very humid environments, wooden products may expand and their assembly may disintegrate. Therefore, the products should be kept at a humidity of 40% – 60%.



  • First of all, your fragile/upright transport etc. on the packaging. Warnings such as

  • Packages should be opened with care. The assembly diagram included in the product should be examined.

  • Installation of the product should be done on a smooth and clean surface.

  • Installation should be done in accordance with the order of priority in the installation diagrams.

  • While relocating your product, do not drag it as it will damage the floor and the product. Carry it empty and disassembled.

  • Keep your product at least 1m away from heat sources such as heater core, electric or solid fuel stove.

  • Keep your product away from dusty, humid and direct sunlight environments.

  • Protect your product from moisture and direct sunlight.

  • Do not place hot irons, pots, teapots, etc. on it, as it will damage your product. Do not put items such as

  • Do not allow children to play with the moving parts and mechanisms of your product.

  • Do not hit the surface of painted and polished wood with sharp, piercing, cutting and heavy materials. Use a coaster when placing items such as hot glasses and plates.

  • Over time, in normal use, scratches may occur on the surfaces of glass or wooden materials. These are the usual situations

  • Before starting the cleaning process, be sure to remove the dust on the product.

  • Do not clean the products with heavy water.

  • Clean the product with a slightly damp cloth without pressing it, or perform the cleaning process with a soft cleaning cloth moistened with a special furniture cleaner, white soap and water.

  • Do not use cleaners containing alcohol.

  • Do not use acidic and basic cleaners or thinners in the cleaning process.

  • Immediately wipe any hot or cold liquid spilled on the surface of your furniture and then dry it.

  • Carry out the drying process by keeping it at room temperature.

  • Coated metal surfaces are parts with high sensitivity, so they should not be interfered with with sharp objects.