About us


Boztaş Premium has succeeded in combining expertise with mastery, creativity with innovation and traditional handcraft with the latest technology; is a furniture brand that fulfills the requirements of the modern age and can solve all processes from idea to concrete, from production to presentation.
It accepts comfort, reliability and quality as its basic working values ​​in its 18.000 m² working area where aesthetics and elegance are transformed into functional products. In addition to its products that appeal to people from all cultures in Turkey and the world, it produces timeless projects that are suitable for ever-changing fashion trends in decoration, brand new needs emerging in home and family life, and aesthetic concerns that may arise in the future.


To maintain the power of production and service by adhering to the principles of service quality in the global market.


The most valuable legacy is to reveal values ​​that are produced for customers and suppliers and entrusted to new generations.